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Plumber Woodburn has been servicing neighborhoods for over ten years with their
plumbing and repair problems. The business began in the home belonging to James Hendricks (founder) and his family. It started with his family enduring the constant drain blogs and backed-up toilets, which made sense with nine people in the household. They spent hundreds of dollars trying to fix their own problems, as hiring a plumber would surely cost more. James began studying on plumbing and “experimenting” on his family’s home and found a solution that was neither costly but also eco-friendly. 

We at Plumber Woodburn can take care of all your plumbing needs. It does not matter
how small or big your home or business is, we can do the job. Our experienced
technicians have been trained in plumbing, drain clearing and cleaning, leak detection
and more. We know and understand the urgency that when you need a plumber, we are
there for you. We are not satisfied with the service we’ve done, until you’re satisfied with
the service.

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We subtract 10% off your bill during your first time visit from us.

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Plumber Woodburn has been the #1 plumber specialist in Location  for 10 straight years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Consequences of putting off plumbing repairs

Any type of plumbing problem should never be delayed, no matter how minor they may seem. Small problems, especially when it comes to your pipes or drainage system, can always become bigger problems. And if it is the cost of a plumber that worries you, we assure you the best price for your repair. Believe us, if you leave so much as a leaky faucet unattended for even a little while, your cost will be more when you see you water bill. The price could even be your health, as some problems like mold and mildew can cause respiratory illnesses. Never put off any plumbing or plumbing-related repairs.

Difference between Hard and Soft Water

Soft water contains little to no extra elements while hard water contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals, like calcium and magnesium, which tends to happen as water passes through the ground and rocks, picking up hard water minerals.

How can I prevent Leaking Pipes

Check your water pressure and install a water softener. Avoid using high water pressure, no matter how nice it feels during a shower, for it stresses your pipes and can cause leakage. The water softener helps by removing the excess minerals normally carried in hard water.

How Do I prevent pipes leading to my house from freezing

Depending on what type of pipes you are thinking of, you can either try disconnecting such pipes, or continuing to run them so as the water inside does not freeze. You can also purchase a Styrofoam piping insulation kit usually available at home centers.

How do I increase the water pressure in my home

  • Test your water pressure: You can purchase a water pressure test gauge from any home improvement store. Follow the directions on how to use it. Take note that if the reading is less than 60psi, that is on the low side and anything above 80 is too high.
  • Ask around: Determine if the water pressure issue is yours alone or related to everyone else’s.
  • Check your water meter, shut-off valve or regulator: If the water pressure problem is yours alone, check your water meter and the main shut-off valve to ensure they are both fully open. If you have a water pressure regulator, check that as well as a poorly functioning one can result in low water pressure.
  • Check for leaks: Turn of all the water in your home and record the number on your water meter, then wait for about 20 minutes and check it again. If the meter reading has changed, you may have a leak. Look around every appliance that involves water usage (toilet, bathtub/shower, washing machine and even your water heater).
  • Check your faucets: If you received a normal reading, but still experience low water pressure, take a look at your faucets or shower heads for mineral buildup; these can affect water flow.  
  • Consider clogged pipes: Buildup and residue inside your pipes can reduce your water pressure.


If all of the above has been done and you are still unable to determine your low-pressure problem, give us a call and we’ll help you locate the problem and fix it.


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