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Our experienced plumbers are licensed and insured, meaning they have had intense training and education to treat your plumbing problems.

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Just because we have been in service for only 10 years, does not mean we don’t have the knowledge and experience to help you. Our unique types of services are what keeps our customers coming to us when they encounter a problem.

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We offer the cheapest prices in town, as well as a free inspection and a 10% first time service to all of our new customers.

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10% off of any service for first-timers and a free inspection, how can you go wrong? Through in our expert service and friendly plumbing technicians, and you’re pretty much set to tackle that plumbing problem.


Our Plumbing Services

Toilets & Faucets

We use toilets and faucets to clean up and dispose of our mess. It is an inconvenience when these things get backed up or stop working. Sometimes it’s from a clog of from hard water residue. Although you are able to take care of the minor problems, sometimes you need a professional to do the hard jobs.

Hot Water HEaters

A water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home that you actually use every day. It provides you the warm showers or and the hot water for your dishes. Unless going away for a few days or something, this is an appliance you don’t want off.

Drain Cleaning

Drains are used for disposing of our mess. When they stop working, often times it’s due to clogs caused by hair, excess toilet paper, or things that don’t belong in the drain. Sometimes you can buy store products to clear your drains, but when the damage is bad, like corrosion, you need an expert to deal with it.

Gas Piping

It is important to care for and have your gas lines inspected periodically to avoid leaks or corrosion if your lines are metallic, which can lead to a serious gas leak, fire or even an explosion.

Sewer REpair

Sewer systems are important because they carry our water waste from our home to a filtration system where it is cleaned and “returned” to our homes, ready to use.


If you have waited too long that your plumbing problem is beyond repair or the damage has been done to the area (molding under the sink due to a clogged or eroded pipe, etc.) we do offer remodeling services to replace what has been destroyed.

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We subtract 10% off your bill during your first time visit from us.

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Plumber Woodburn has been the #1 plumber specialist inWoodburn for 10 straight years.

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